An efficient Growth Consultant helps entrepreneurs and founders in the leadership and technology space to build their ventures, sell to their dream clients, and improve their quality of life


  • Hire a marketing agency & sales person, 6 months in… no results
  • No sales process in place, your valuation declines
  • Lots of money wasted
  • Time wasted
  • Your quality of life suffers


  • Appointments coming in on the first week of our engagement
  • A scalable sales process in place
  • Depending on your vision, grow as much as you wish

Focus + Optimal Process = Success

What it looks like: is a certain amount of recurring sales appointments set for you, with interested, targeted potential clients. 

With this approach to marketing & sales, we show great results in lowering client acquisition costs, while executing on a standardized yet scalable model that you can grow.

Actualize your Full Potential

Tired? Anxious? Stressed out? Do you see these symptoms in your team or sales people?

These are very common emotions and states of mind that can have negative effects on your health and capacity to succeed and be happy or fulfilled as crush your goals.

How do you get out of your head, into your body? How do you master your thoughts to regain focus and achieve everything you desire to have in life?

There is a formula.

As we work together, you will learn to master the superpower of AWARENESS, as your brain can rewire itself to step into power. Together, we rewire your state from anxiety to peace, from stress to balance. Think of it as UPGRADING your Human Operating System.

Ready to bring peak performance into every area of your life?

Take your company or project to the next level. Customized growth strategies, implementation, management. Increase your revenue starting today.

Dayana Pereira, Founder

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