Move to your Full Potential

Do you have all the “success” that you set out to get? Achieved all the goals that you planned?

Yet there is that emptiness, the feeling that personal growth is missing?

I know, from 10 years of professional experience, that regardless of external achievements, if you can’t give to yourself as much as you give to others, sooner or later, you’ll be empty.

If anything you read above moved you, don’t let the journey end here. Let me guide you towards INNER PEACE, HAPPINESS, and CONTRIBUTION, as your grow professionally AND personally.

It is possible to live the life of your dreams. It is possible to BALANCE work and life. It is possible to feel joy, connect to purpose and be love everyday, moment by moment.

Let’s go.


One-on-one bespoke sessions to take you from where you are, to where you want to be.

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Wow – I wish I knew about this years ago! It’s a game changer. Doing these subtle movement with awareness is the key…. her voice is melodic and relaxed… and it’s amazing that this can be done without seeing the teacher… her instructions are clear and her presentation is compassionate and good humored.”

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I’m recovering from a head injury and lately feeling lethargic with zero motivation. By the end of our first session, I was already planning out practical things to do in my head. And I’m standing taller, feeling more myself. And that’s just one intro session! Thank you. “

Kamal Ravikant, best selling author, venture capitalist

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Achieve success AND have a happy life as you do it

Rediscover Your Freedom

Tired? Anxious? Stressed out? These are very common emotions and states of mind that can have negative effects on your health and capacity to succeed and be happy as you do it.

How do you get out of your head, into your heart? How do you master your thoughts and body to regain balance and achieve everything you desire to have in life?

There is a formula.

As we work together, you will learn to master the superpower of AWARENESS, and identify the habits and patterns that no longer serve you– as you replace them with a bespoke set of empowering practices that will lead YOU to express your full potential. Not after 20 years of meditation… starting today.

Through masterful movements from The Feldenkrais Method®, targeted physical and mindset training, and reliable, science-based practices, your body can rewire itself to step into power. It can fall in LOVE with itself. It can remember joy. From then on, life is an opportunity for growth and fulfillment. An adventure of creation.

Together, we rewire your nervous system to move from suffering to pleasure, from anxiety to peace, from stress to balance. Think of it as UPGRADING your Human Operating System.

Join me in bringing self mastery into every area of your life.

You’d be crazy not to take a step into your biggest dreams today.

Dayana Pereira is skilled, sensitive, kind and really knows her stuff. She can educate, inspire and elevate your own cognitive abilities while introducing your body and mind to more improved ways of functioning. Combine a therapeutic technique with a practitioner who offers you life long insight into your body’s construction and movement. Dayana is a gem and I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Joanna Harp
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* Worldwide via Zoom, Facebook & Whatsapp
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Learn how to keep your mind, body and heart in balance and regain control of your vitality and joy
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