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Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® Classess

Next series begins September 3, 2020


Feldenkrais, Breath work, Meditation. Sliding scale and barter available. Reach out for more information!

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Breathe Light: will help you improve lung capacity. CLICK HERE

Cadence Breathing: use this breathing practice for calm and expansion. CLICK HERE

Bedtime routine: this breathing sequence will help you relax and fall asleep: CLICK HERE


10 minutes long: CLICK HERE

30 minutes long: CLICK HERE

50 minutes long: CLICK HERE

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Real breathing work with a hold after inhalation AND after exhalation. GREAT needed work in our lung-challenged times. Thank you Dayana.

Sophia, Insight Timer review
Reduce stress and anxiety with this Feldenkrais class

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Wow – I wish I knew about this years ago! It’s a game changer. Doing these subtle movement with awareness is the key…. her voice is melodic and relaxed… and it’s amazing that this can be done without seeing the teacher… her instructions are clear and her presentation is compassionate and good humored .

I will do it again and again. Thanks!”

Insight Timer Review

I’m recovering from a head injury and lately feeling lethargic with zero motivation. By the end of our first session, I was already planning out practical things to do in my head. And I’m standing taller, feeling more myself. And that’s just one intro session! Thank you. “

Kamal Ravikant

Alivia el dolor de espalda, cuello y caderas en este video

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Join our ONLINE classes and learn how to REWIRE your brain for a powerful, peaceful & successful life

Rediscover Your Strength and Freedom

of Movement, Thinking and Feeling

Tired? Anxious? Stressed out? Afraid? These are very common emotions and states of mind+body that can have an effect in your health and capacity to succeed and be happy. You are not alone. Yet, you know there is more to life, and yearn for freedom from your suffering, fear, and limitation.

How do you master our emotions, bodies and hearts to regain balance and achieve everything you desire in life? There is a formula.

Without pills, without years of therapy, surgery, expensive gadgets or gimmicks. Instead, you will learn to identify the habits and patterns that no longer serve you– and replace them with a set of empowering practices that will lead you to express your full potential.

Through masterful movements from The Feldenkrais Method®, targeted physical and mindset training, and reliable, consistent practices (breath work, meditation) your body can rewire itself to free you from restriction, to step into power. It can fall in LOVE with itself. It can remember joy. From then on, life is an opportunity for learning and excitement. An adventure of creation.

Together, we rewire your nervous system to move from suffering to pleasure, from anxiety to peace, from stress to balance. Join me in the Awareness Movement that can bring self mastery into your life, starting today.

Why Feldenkrais?

Dayana Pereira is skilled, sensitive, kind and really knows her stuff. She can educate, inspire and elevate your own cognitive abilities while introducing your body and mind to more improved ways of functioning. Combine a therapeutic technique with a practitioner who offers you life long insight into your body’s construction and movement. Dayana is a gem and I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Joanna Harp
* Pennsylvania (Bucks County, Philadelphia)
* New Jersey
* Worldwide via Zoom, Facebook & Whatsapp
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Learn how to keep your mind, body and heart in balance and regain control of your vitality and joy
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