Reduce Pain & Stress, Recover From Injury

Align yourself with your dreams and potential


What brings you here?

As a human being, you were born with a nervous system that was not completely formed, like it is for many other animals. You had to learn how to walk, talk, and interact with other human beings, in your environment.

To survive, you developed ways of MOVING, THINKING and FEELING that became your unique way to be in the world.  Your thoughts (the language of your mind), your feelings (the language of your emotions) and your movements (the language of your body) become an integrated system that helped you feel safe and grow, but also defined you as you. 

Fast forward to the present…

Not knowing exactly why, your back pain appeared, or maybe a shoulder hurts… stress is running on the background all the time, and you feel tired, lacking vitality…  It’s hard to sleep, your attention is scattered and your breathing shallow, your neck hurts.

Someone has recommended back surgery, pain medication, sleeping pills…  You may have tried physical therapy or chiropractic that worked for a while, but your body pain, stress and anxiety crept back in. You feel like you have tried everything…  and yet… 

You are not alone.

The latest scientific research is showing that our brains continue to change and grow as we age, and those patterns (ways to be in the world) are not set in stone, but can be modified. Think of it as our human HARDWARE & SOFTWARE. There are an unlimited amount of upgrades that we can have during our lifetime. 

But how does it work?

During our Feldenkrais classes and private sessions, you learn how to identify the habits and patterns that no longer serve you and REWIRE them, building your nervous system for new ways to be in the world. You re-learn efficient MOVING, THINKING and FEELING habits, and most importantly,  develop the AWARENESS to identify what are you doing moment by moment, so you can do what you want.

This process allows you to move from pain to pleasure in our body, from stress and anxiety to a calmer, peaceful state of mind, and gives you the tools to tap into your inner healer, bringing your body, mind and heart to a state of coherence or homeostasis.

Your best self takes action

In simpler words: you rewire your brain and body to embrace your full potential for health and vitality.  Upgrading your body and mind to recover the joy of being, you discover a new way to be in the world: pain-free, creating, conscious of your mental and physical state, and moving in the direction of your goals. Step by step, breath by breath. 

Ready to align yourself with your full potential?

I’m here for you. Let’s get started! 

In love and gratitude,


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