Are you against moving to your full potential?

What is The Method

YOUR BODY IS AN ORGANISM: Mind and body are not separate, and when perceived as such, the division they create spreads to all areas of your life. Fragmentation and chaos become a baseline, and it takes huge amounts of energy to maintain balance. ‍ 

THE FELDENKRAIS METHOD®: is a powerful and revolutionary approach to improving your life that uses gentle, mindful movement to bring new awareness and possibility into every aspect of life. Developed by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, the Feldenkrais Method has helped millions of people worldwide.

SYSTEMS THEORY: One positive change in any part of the system will create change in the whole body.

Movement is life. What stays stuck will sooner or later break down. Ignoring a problem doesn't make it go away.

The method is based on three pillars


In order to do what you want, you have to know what you are doing. AWARENESS is the first step.


Your brain determines what pain & anxiety are and what it feels like. This can be unlearned. You have a CHOICE to overcome your ‘Triggers’.


You can harness the power of your BRAIN to be in full control of your body.

The goal is to combine these pillars to rewire your body to move

Reduce, Relieve, Prevent Pain & Tension

Recover from Injury

Renew Energy and Drive

Improve Focus and Concentration

Reduce Stress and Anxiety



Enjoyment of Personal Life

Self-Confidence, Love & Acceptance

Vitality & Performance

Peace of Mind & Presence

Restful Sleep 



Freeing your shoulders and head

Take back full control

LONGEVITY: What stays stuck, sooner or later decays, and dies. Ignoring a problem doesn’t make it go away.

DISCERNMENT: Learn how to place your attention on what is up to you to change: your mind, your body, and your perceptions.

The Method Experience

We identify sub-optimal body movements that are creating pain or limitation. These typically show up in the form of pain as you stand, walk, sit, or use the stairs.

We introduce optimal movements to maximize your mobility, balance, and endurance. We teach you how to introduce these movements several times during the day.

We keep you accountable by checking in with you frequently to make sure you are practicing and repeating optimal movements often. 

We keep track of your new practices with a journal. This keeps you motivated and consistently measuring your improvement.

Dayana is certified and has her own story

After suffering from a debilitating life crisis in 2006, which led her to anxiety and physical pain, Dayana started a healing pathway that led her to be here today.

Dayana is a Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner, XPT™ Coach & Happy Body™ Mentor. She has 10 years of professional experience working with individuals & groups, online & in person. She specializes in practices that generate pain relief & better sleep. 

Knowing from the inside out the struggles of anxiety, being part of a minority, & overcoming limiting beliefs, Dayana devotes her life to helping others in the art of awareness, self-healing, & unleashing our limitless potential.

The Method Video & Audio Experiences

What people are saying

Playing to a whole new level

Elizabeth Pitcairn, violinist

Lack of pain and maintaining mobility

Ellen Burrows, former attorney

Caring and Healing

Jack Morrash, tennis Player

James Marciano

“About 15 years ago I broke my neck and I’ve been on this very long journey back trying to recover my health. And one of the things with breaking your neck is that you can have trouble at least for me with balance and walking. And since starting working with Dayana just a few weeks ago, I’ve started to get a better sense of my surroundings and more confidence in my movement. And in fact, last night, in my kitchen, I actually found myself smiling because I was moving with ease and with joy. And I was actually playing with the way my hips were and my knees were on my feet were and I haven’t done that in decades.”

Tim Murphy

“Wow. Just wow. Mind blowingly great teacher. In just one session I received more practical immediate help and self revealed knowledge than with multiple sessions with other somatic practitioners. Her kind, sweet spirit and lovely voice and style gently guided me to a deeper remembering of how my body is naturally put together and functions. Blew away all of my previous mental constructs of how I thought my body works (and I thought I knew a lot!). So grateful to have found her and will be going back for sure.”

Frequently asked questions

Results will depend on how consistent you are at implementing the recommendations. We typically see benefits from week 1. Depending on how much time you put into it, how open-minded you are to the information you’re receiving, and if you use it or not (how much your practice), you will see results that will be long-lasting.

Not at all. Dayana and her team’s responsibility is to make sure you remember all the relevant information and to put it in the format that will help you succeed. You may be a visual or auditory learner, and we will make sure to present the new material in the best format for you, as well as to remind you of all the important details, and keep you on the path. 

The recommended course of action is a one-hour weekly session (includes an assessment) and 20 minutes daily for your movement practice. If you decide to join a group, you will be invited to a weekly 30-minute session to stay accountable and connected. Learning in community can be fun, which will make the new habits “stick” much easier.  

Most of our clients are very private as well. The live group sessions are completely optional!  The point of the group sessions is to find support, establish a community, and benefit from your cohort. It is not a requirement that you speak or share anything private.

Unfortunately, this is a very common experience we hear from our clients.  We know it can be scary and exhausting.  Are you doubting that you can do it? Or in the process itself? Would you like to be in touch with an existing client for a first-hand experience of our work?  

Most importantly: it is not your fault that you haven’t found results before. That can change starting today 🙂  

Contact us or book a free consultation, and take the first step on a new pathway.