Do you have all the “success” that you deserve? Achieved all the goals that you planned?

Is your company or project growing? Do you feel stuck or flat, but can’t tell why?

Are you focused on serving the clients that come to you, but avoid reaching out to new clients? Making “cold calls”? Sending “cold emails”?

Does your company spend thousands in inbound marketing, and nothing on a solid outbound strategy?

Do you feel ready to perform better, sell more, and be happier than before the pandemic shifted everything?  Yet, not sure how? 

We know, from 10 years of professional experience, that it is not always working harder that gets you the results you seek, but working smarter.

It is possible to accelerate your growth and the success of your company and team. You don’t have to do it alone, or have all the answers. We’re here for you.

Let’s go.

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Wow – I wish I knew about this years ago! It’s a game changerHer instructions are clear and her presentation is compassionate and good humored.”

Susan, Customer review

“By the end of our first session, I was already planning out practical things to do in my head. And I’m standing taller, feeling more myself. And that’s just one intro session! Thank you.

Kamal Ravikant, Venture Capitalist, Author
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Focus + Optimal Process = Success

Our company offers dedicated sales representatives and appointment setters (SDRs), tech-enabled if needed (with the ability to generate leads geographically or via LinkedIN by leveraging proprietary software) tailored to the business we serve.  We have a passion for transforming cold-calling into a warm opportunity for businesses to grow, and have made it into a service.

Our strength is integrating the typical telesales (aka cold calling approach) with state of the art lead generation software, and a passionate and efficient customer centered sales force, that we personally train and manage for our clients. 

In simple words, either improving the metrics (KPIs) of existing sales agents, or delivering great results with our trained sales teams, dedicated to your company. I personally learn and understand your needs and targets (client avatars, niche); we agree on metrics for success (number of appointments set, number of dials, new customers, new sales); and then we execute on a sales strategy.  

What it looks like: is a certain amount of predictable appointments set for you, with interested, targeted potential clients, where you show up to the call and do what you do best: educate them on the benefits of your service or product and close the sale. Or, a predictable increase in monthly sales by putting appointments on the calendar for our trained sales agents with your avatar audience.

With this approach to sales, we show great results in lowering client acquisition costs, while executing on a standardized yet scalable model that you can grow.

Actualize your Full Potential

Tired? Anxious? Stressed out? Do you see these symptoms in your team mates or sales people?

These are very common emotions and states of mind that can have negative effects on your health and capacity to succeed and be happy or fulfilled as crush your goals.

How do you get out of your head, into your body? How do you master your thoughts to regain focus and achieve everything you desire to have in life?

There is a formula.

As we work together, you will learn to master the superpower of AWARENESS, as your brain can rewire itself to step into power. Together, we rewire your state from anxiety to peace, from stress to balance. Think of it as UPGRADING your Human Operating System.

Ready to bring peak performance into every area of your life?

Take your company or project to the next level. Customized growth strategies, implementation, management. Sell more starting today!

Dayana Pereira, Founder

Dayana Pereira is skilled, sensitive, kind and really knows her stuff. She can educate, inspire and elevate your own cognitive abilities while introducing your body and mind to more improved ways of functioning. Dayana is a gem and I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Joanna Harp, Editor
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