Through my training as a Certified XPT Coach, I have learned how to safely guide and inspire you to become the best version of yourself.

XPT Coaching sessions are an efficient way to learn how to redesign your lifestyle into the life you want. The secret is to identify which of the 3 main pillars of health are most out of balance, or in need of support. Together, we help you establish new ways to breathe, to move, to recover.

As a bonus, the mental and physical strategies that help you get there with confidence can then be applied to any area of your life.

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Breathing can be a quick, reliable way to reset your mental and physical state, restoring balance. 

XTP Breathing protocols cover the spectrum of everything you can do with your breath to:

  • sleep better
  • move & perform with more power
  • downregulate from anxiety or stress
  • access more focus and concentration
  • achieve greater meditation states


XPT Move is an innovative way to:

  • train your mind and body simultaneously to access the training methods used by professional athletes
  • integrate movement and strength-building into your life starting today
  • quickly achieve the kind of endurance and high performance once reserved only for athletes who train for hours every day
  • use a combination of outdoor activity and indoor training to offer you strength, conditioning, and versatility
  • build on your existing exercise, yoga practice, or sports training with fun, efficient, and scientifically-sound movements.


XPT Recover takes ancient disciplines such as cold and heat exposure, integrating them in an innovative way. As a result of thermal contrast, you can:

  • improve circulation
  • boost immunity
  • alleviate inflammation
  • reduce muscle soreness 
  • change your mood to boost energy
  • adapt to the weather in a positive way (instead of letting the weather determine your internal state)
  • make the most out of your cardio activity by teaching your body how to resume its normal state.

In addition, as you learn how to use your breath to recover, you can:

  • train your mind to adapt to stress
  • develop breathing methods to use in any stressful situation. 

With the new habits you discover and master with XPT Training, you can design the lifestyle that supports your dreams and goals.

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