“I’m recovering from a head injury and lately feeling lethargic with zero motivation. By the end of our first session, I was already planning out practical things to do in my head. And I’m standing taller, feeling more myself. And that’s just one intro session! Thank you.”

– Kamal Ravikant

Real breathing work with a hold after inhalation AND after exhalation. GREAT needed work in our lung-challenged times. Thank you Dayana.”


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“WOW! What a difference in just one 60 minute session! Dayana Pereira is certainly a Master. Her ability to clearly articulate a step by step unfolding of our bodies to what is most nurturing and natural is extraordinary!”

– Carolyn Viola

“Profound and subtle work. Dayana is an articulate, experienced and gifted guide who has helped me to heal. She also is adept at opening new pathways for learning through movement. Lessons shown can be taken through all of life.”

– Alan Kane

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“Dayana Pereira is a master instructor who combines knowledge, expertise and a gentle approach to deeply understanding and supporting your challenges.

Dayana is skilled, sensitive, kind and really knows her stuff. She can educate, inspire and elevate your own cognitive abilities while introducing your body and mind to more improved ways of functioning. Dayana is a gem and I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

– Joanna Harp

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Dayana’s confidence that improvement is always possible is contagious, and I made much progress under her care. In addition, Dayana’s personal warmth and kindness made every session a pleasure.”

– Peggy Ray

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“I noticed that my body became lighter and I had a lot more energy at the end of my days. I’m almost 60 and I appreciate the grace and ease I feel in my body from the things Dayana taught me.”

– Jill Stagg

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“Dayana Pereira is focused on the particular needs of the clients. I encourage everyone to try one of her sessions”

– Jerry Graham

“Dayana, you are a truly gifted mentor whose knowledge is beyond any text book. You have a magical style of teaching and the creative tools that you bring to each session are amazing.”

Linda Hazan

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Dayana Pereira is a brilliant teacher.  I rely on these sessions to keep my body and mind movable, flexible, and responsive to the mental and physical difficulties and joys that life presents.”

Marjory Hirsch

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