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Just Coaching: Gold

Coaching success talk for Sales Development Representatives (SDRs)

SDRs focus on moving leads through the pipeline, unburdening sales executives from having to engage in prospecting.

Ensure your SDRs success by identifying any blocks or leaks and strengthening their clarity and confidence, in alignment with your company’s goals.

USD 500 per SDR person per Month (Self Service)

Just Coaching: Platinum

Coaching success talk for Sales Executives

A successful salesperson will not only be liked and trusted by the potential customer, but also needs to be able to manage an increasingly growing pipeline, as well as deal with objections, and get the yes or “close the sale”.

Ensure your sales people’s success by identifying blindspots or unproductive habits, and see their results and commitment grow exponentially!

USD 1000 per Sales person per Month (Self Service)

CaaS + SDR action: Gold

Leverage our experienced, dedicated SDR Agents to reach your goals

Don’t have SDRs? Don’t want to hire and train? No problem.

Our managed CaaS action will provide you with the experienced, full time SDRs and tech enabled lead generation software to grow your outbound sales without you doing all the work.

USD 2500 per FTE (Managed Service)

CaaS + Sales: Platinum

Ready for full expansion and massive growth in your outbound sales?

Does your organization need a trained, strong sales person and the tech enablement to generate the best leads for your company? Don’t want to go through the hassle of hiring, training, and sourcing your prospective clients to outreach?

This CaaS action provides you with a full time outbound sales agent that will crush it every day, AND the lead generation tech, all in one service. The fastest and most powerful growth hack!

USD 5500 per FTE (Managed Service)


Global & Fast Paced

Working with eKomi was an opportunity to prove the importance of the little details and their huge impact.

Growing at a fast pace, eKomi is one of the biggest independent ratings and reviews companies partnered with Google. Working in all continents, with over 200 employees, the challenges were to keep every SDR and Sales Executive on the same page…

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