Feldenkrais Group Classes with Dayana Pereira

Want to join a LIVE Streamed class?

The class is live-streamed via Zoom AND recorded. The recording is sent to you in audio and video format the same day. It is downloadable for unlimited access.

Mind & Body Alignment: Awareness Through Movement® uses masterful movement sequences from the Feldenkrais Method® to align your body, mind and heart. This alignment increases balance and flexibility, clear and centered thinking, and empowering positive emotions. Any level of yoga practice can be enhanced with these gentle movements coupled with exquisite attention, and the brain “rewiring” that they make possible (neuroplasticity). 

Enjoy lasting effects of ease and freedom of movement in every area of your life, discover limiting habits of movement, thinking, and feeling, as you transform them into empowering and vital new choices.

Questions? Please reach out anytime. You’ll hear back within 24 hours. Guaranteed!

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