Feldenkrais Group Classes with Dayana Pereira

Want to join a LIVE Streamed class?

The next series starts Tuesdays, July 7 through July 28, 2020 /  From 10:45 AM – 11:45 AM EDT

The class is live-streamed via Zoom AND recorded. The recording is sent to you in audio and video format the same day. It is downloadable for unlimited access.

Investment: $75 for full series / $22 drop-in

Awareness Through Movement / Feldenkrais Method with Dayana Pereira

Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® (ATM) specifically works with your nervous system and has the main benefit of aligning your body, mind & heart. As your nervous system resets, the stress hormones are balanced by the rest and recovery hormones. Growth and repair begin, positive emotions can arise, openness and expansion are available. As a consequence, your body feels limber and free, flexible and out of pain. You have a better outcome for life, and become more resilient.

Integrating breath work, exquisite use of attention, specific movements and mental rehearsal, every class is unique and will bring you into presence and vitality. Grounding and supportive, ATM offers tools to cultivate an embodied life, where you can be at ease in your body, peaceful in your heart, and learn how to move joyfully through life’s challenges.

Relieve chronic pain, improve your posture, and sleep better, as you “rewire” your moving, thinking, and feeling habits. Enjoy long-lasting effects of freedom in every area of your life. Any level of yoga or exercise can be enhanced with these somatic education practices from the world-renowned Feldenkrais Method®.

*Please wear socks and comfortable, layered clothing.

Questions? Please reach out anytime. You’ll hear back within 24 hours. Guaranteed!

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