Wonderful Sleep: A 10-Day Journey to Self-Nurturing




This easy-to-follow 10-day course is designed to support you in getting better sleep quality and understanding how what you do during the day affects your night. 

Each lesson has 2 parts: first is a description of the principles and practices, followed by an audio recording to play right before sleep, or if you wake up in the middle of the night.

After completing this course you will learn:

~ The optimal conditions for restful sleep (mind, body, environment);

~ Why the preparation for a good night’s sleep begins the moment you wake up;

~ How to focus your attention to keep your body free from pain and tension during;

~ Simple movements with your eyes, hands & tongue, to soothe you to sleep reliably;

~ Effective & easy ways to use your breathing for restful sleep;

~ Loving practices to help you go back to sleep from a nightmare or if you can’t go back to sleep after waking up.

* The course is suited for children & adults, as well as beginners.

Thanks for supporting our mission: helping 1 million people get the Peace that they deserve, one night at a time. 


Day 1: Getting The Basics Right: Optimal Temperature Lesson & Guided Meditation (Relax Your Body Into Sleep ~ ocean version)

Today we explore the importance of maintaining the right temperature as we fall asleep and during the night, even if we sleep with a partner. We cover what is a supportive mattress, the best pillow for you, and the myth of sleeping on your stomach. The second part of the lesson is a special recording to help you Relax Into Sleep. Sweet dreams!

Day 2: Releasing Daily Tension: Lesson & Guided Meditation (Soothe Yourself to Sleep ~ rainfall version)

The preparation for a great night of sleep begins the moment you wake up. Today you will learn how to identify and release tension during the day that may make it difficult for you to fall asleep. The second part of the lesson is a guided meditation to help you Soothe Yourself to Sleep. Enjoy!

Day 3: Your Eyes & Sleep: A Lesson and a Guided Meditation (Quick & Easy Sleep ~ delta waves)

Did you know that your eyes control your spine?  And that as you carry your head down and tighten your eyes to look at all the visual information you are exposed to during the day, you are “programming” your eyes with habitual effort as a baseline?  Today you will learn how to reduce the effort around your eyes during the day, lift your head, and lengthen your spine. These small changes will have a powerful impact on your ability to fall asleep tonight. The second part of the lesson is a Guided Meditation to Relax Your Eyes, for you to play as you lie down and unwind.

Day 4: Expand Your Breath to Sleep: Lesson & Guided Meditation (Bedtime Breathing ~ music)

Breathing is the most precious, yet underutilized human ability. Today we will explore the many opportunities we have during the day to “train” our attention to expand our breathing in a simple and reliable way. Also, to increase our capacity to bring more oxygen to our organs, facilitating digestion and conservation of energy. We will activate the parasympathetic branch of our nervous system anywhere, anytime, which will help us cope with stress and anxiety. At night, we will use this training, in combination with an efficient and calming breathing meditation, included in the second part of the lesson. Before you finish it, you may be in dreamland… 🙂

Day 5: Your Powerful Thoughts: Lesson & Guided Meditation (Go Back to Sleep Peacefully~ music version)

Do you have trouble sleeping or wake up in the middle of the night, and your mind is racing with thoughts that never stop?  During today’s lesson you will learn 3 simple ways to interrupt your looping thoughts. By practicing these simple techniques during the day, it will be easier for you to do it as you are falling asleep or if you wake up in the middle of the night. To support you even more, the second part of the lesson is a recording where Dayana guides you through getting back to sleep. Sweet dreams!

Day 6:  Sitting is the New Smoking: Lesson & Bedtime Story (The Ancient Oak)

Researchers analyzed 13 studies of sitting time and activity levels. They found that those who sat for more than eight hours a day with no physical activity had a risk of dying similar to that posed by obesity and smoking.

How can avoid sitting without activity can also help us to sleep better? 

During this lesson you will find out the reasons behind it, and how to do it on command. Have fun with it! The second part of the lesson is a short and sweet bedtime story. Enjoy!

Day 7: Play More, Sleep Better: Lesson & Guided Meditation (Relax Into Sleep ~ music version)

How can you use the hormonal release of play and joy to sleep better at night?  If you ever watched a baby or child at the end of the day or experienced that “good tired” feeling after a day of enjoyable activity, you already know!  Today’s lesson focuses on how to create a playful attitude during the day, as well as inspiring you to not take it all so seriously. The result? An easier time to connect to your joy and positive emotions as you fall asleep. The second part of the lesson is a variation of “Relax Your Body Into Sleep” with a music background. Sweet dreams…

Day 8: Sleeping Partners: Lesson & Guided Meditation (Soothe Yourself to Sleep ~ ocean version)

Is your sleep partner waking you up in the middle of the night?  What to do about it? Is it possible to share the bed if you have different movement or space needs? During this lesson, we cover this important and underestimated topic. We also explore how to use pillows and other sources of support to relieve pain in our joints or back during the night. The second part of the lesson is a variation of Soothe Yourself to Sleep guided meditation, with a different background. This is intentionally designed for you to compare with Day 2 and find out which one makes is easier for you to fall asleep. Enjoy!

Day 9: An Attitude of Gratitude: Lesson & Guided Meditation (Quick & Easy Sleep ~ rainfall version)

In the context of sleeping, developing an attitude of gratitude allows our minds and hearts to be in the ideal state to receive a nourishing night filled with dreams and restful sleep. With simple awareness during the day, we will practice being open and grateful for the little things, which will add to a lot by the time we get to bed. The neuro pathways of appreciation will support us as we relax and breathe following the simple guided meditation included in the second part of the lesson.

Day 10: The Elixir of Lovingkindness: Lesson & Guided Meditation (Go BackTo Sleep Peacefully ~ ocean version)

According to the Buddha, the first 3 benefits of practicing Lovingkindness are that you will sleep easily, wake up easily, and have pleasant dreams. This sounds perfect for our intention to get better sleep quality!

Also known as Metta, the intention of the practice is to seed the seeds of love, first and foremost to yourself. This is a very powerful tool when you wake up in the middle of the night, if you are bothered by nightmares, or if you have worrisome thoughts. This lesson explores the most basic beginner’s form of Metta, which is lovingkindness to yourself. The second part of the lesson is a variation of the guided meditation “Go back to sleep peacefully” with an ocean background. Enjoy!

BONUS TRACK: A Bedtime Story ~ Rockabye Railway

This bedtime story suited for all ages will guide you into a restful, peaceful sleep. Relax into a comfortable position and let my voice soothe you as you listen to the words. You will soon be delighted to go on a journey through fields, water landscapes, and sleepy towns, aboard the Rockabye Railway. Before the end of the story, you may be in dreamland… Enjoy!

2 reviews for Wonderful Sleep: A 10-Day Journey to Self-Nurturing

  1. (verified owner)

    I am grateful for discovering this practice and incorporating it into my daily life, particularly when it comes to sleep. I get to sleep well and have noticed an improvement in the quality of my sleep. As I awoke to the day, I brought the qualities of having a good posture and setting the intentions so that I can have a good flow from the moment I woke up in the morning to when I sleep at night. Thank you, Dayana, for sharing this and providing us with the opportunity to grow. Bless you always.
    Joseph Gelvin Agualada

  2. (verified owner)

    Hello Dayana, May this message find you and your family well. I’m so grateful to embark on this 10-day journey. Last night was my last session, but I plan to continue. You are amazing! I have been able to sleep all night since the the first day. My sleep issues goes back many years, and I have tried everything including acupuncture. Somehow saying thank you or I’m grateful doesn’t seem enough to show my appreciation. Instead I’m sending you love and peace, Dirce

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