During our Feldenkrais private sessions, we work together to identify what movement (or lack of movement) may be causing your lower back pain. We then work to relieve that pain and establish an alignment of your body, central nervous system, and heart. We find new, more efficient ways to complete the everyday movements that bring you joy and function without the lower back pain.

For example, sitting, lying down, going up or down the stairs, walking, running, tennis, golf, or bending down to lift and hold a child can now be pain-free. This approach taps the power of your brain and mind to align with your body and heart.

The Feldenkrais group classes provide a wide range of movement sequences you can use to get yourself out of lower back pain.

In addition, they effectively teach you “movement strategies” based on Dr. Feldenkrais’ study of engineering principles and anatomy. As you apply these mindful movements to challenges like lifting weight, reaching, sitting for long periods of time, you prevent recurring injury.

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