What happens in our first session?

We meet

I will listen to what brings you here, and ask relevant questions to understand the nature of your experience.

We observe

I will provide a visual assessment that will give us more information, and highlight where to begin.

Together we create
a road map

By the end of our first session you will have a course of action designed just for you.

What will the next sessions be like?


The continuity of the Feldenkrais private sessions allow for novelty and repetition. These are the ways in which you will learn new habits of movement, and make them second nature.


During follow-up XPT sessions we measure your progress, revisit the goals, and make sure your training is sustainable and progressive. We may add challenge or introduce new techniques to your repertoire.

Reclaim your freedom of movement with the Feldenkrais Method

What can we accomplish together with Feldenkrais?

1 Session

Feel What It’s Like and How It Works

The Single session allows you to experience the a private Feldenkrais session, have your questions answered, and receive a plan of action for mastering the results you’d like to achieve.  


  • In depth session/ treatment.
  • 90 to 120 minutes
  • Includes: health questionnaire, personal history, biomechanical assessment, assessment,
  • Coaching and hands-on treatment/bodywork.
  • $160 – $250*

* price depends on time length

5 sessions

Understand If This Is Best For You

Five sessions is the most popular approach for new clients. You carve a pathway to mastery, with regular follow-up sessions that ensure your success and keep you accountable and on course.


  • Introductory sessions
  • Generally run 60 minutes
  • $140 each
  • $700 for package*

*Payment plan available

10 sessions

Establish New Patterns of Change

Ten sessions provides enough time to get on track and create long lasting habits. Over the course of the sessions you will galvanize the new practices, mindset and thoughts that guarantee your success at making this a new lifestyle.


  • Most common package after introductory sessions.
  • Generally run 60 minutes
  • $130 each
  • $1,300 for package*

*Payment plan available

Join the vibrant XPT family

What can we accomplish together with XPT?

1 Session

Experience how XPT is a unique strength training lifestyle

The innovative approach of XPT XPT® makes the tools of elite athletes accessible to everyday people, integrating advance techniques within its 3 main pillars: Breathe, Move, and Recover.


  • One-hour long training and information session.
  • $160*

5 Sessions

Understand how XPT can transform your training

Designed to strengthen and condition your body to create sustainable change, XPT will explore the limits of your comfort zone, and increase your mental and physical fitness.


  • Five 50 min. sessions that explore breathing, movement, and recovery techniques.
  • $ 140 each
  • $700 for package*

*Payment plans available

10 Sessions

Train for a specific event, trip or long term goal

We will identify the main components of long term training, implement them, and keep you on track. Develop joyful self-discipline and master your training choices with 10 weeks of coaching sessions.


  • Ten 50 min. sessions developing advanced breathing, movement, and recovery training.
  • $130 each
  • $1,300 for package*

*Payment plans available

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