The Feldenkrais Method® is a revolutionary approach to human health.

Created by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais —a Judo black belt, physicist and engineer— it combines movement, directed attention, guided exploration and education, engaging the ability of our brains to change and evolve (Neuroplasticity).

This intelligent application of attention to movement allows us to discover and change the patterns of behavior that limit our potential, bringing awareness to our lives moment by moment. 

In doing so, it teaches us how to learn new ways of thinking, sensing, feeling and acting that ‘rewire’ our bodies in a more efficient and potent way.

With practice and repetition these new neural pathways become new habits, that organically replace the old limiting ones.

What you find after engaging in a Feldenkrais practice is a freer, more enjoyable way to live, pain free and joyful, in the direction of your goals and dreams.




Listen to a sample of Dr. Feldenkrais’ writings:

On Mind & Body:


On What is Health?:


Optimized Fi Aina Dayana Long

“The exercises are designed to improve ability, that is, to expand the boundaries of the possible, to turn the impossible into the possible, the difficult into the easy and the easy into the pleasant. For only those activities that are easy and pleasant will become part of a person’s habitual life and serve them at all time.”

– Moshe Feldenkrais


Optimized ATM Arm Curve Dayana


To learn more about the Feldenkrais Method, visit: https://feldenkrais.com/


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