So happy you made it here! Please enjoy these free audio classes. Wishing they improve the quality of your life, the coherence in you heart, your joy, and alignment.

Love, Dayana

Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement specifically works with your nervous system and has the main benefit of aligning your body, mind & heart. As your nervous system resets, the stress hormones are balanced by the rest and recovery hormones. Growth and repair begin, positive emotions can arise, openness and expansion are available. As a consequence, your body feels limber and free, flexible and out of pain. You have a better outcome for life, and become more resilient. You can think of it as a TUNE-UP for your nervous system.

Below are recorded samples of classes, for you to enjoy:

Rolling to sit (44 minute practice):

This fun and easy class will make it easy to get up from the floor without pain. Age gracefully and stay active for life!

Tune-up: Marble (10 minute practice):

This deeply relaxing mini-class will help you settle, soothe and rest. Perfect as you get ready to sleep, and to reset during a stressful day.

Rest & recovery: Soft Eyes (30 minute practice):

Tired from too much screen time? Give your eyes a treat and feel the difference in your whole body!

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