“Dayana changed my life. I was crippled with sciatica for two years. I tried Epidurals, facette injections, drugs and PT. I had to cancel travel plans and many engagements because I could barely walk or stand for any length of time. After a year of weekly one-on-one sessions with Dayana, home practice and going to her classes at The Solebury Club, I can now walk my dog two miles a day, ride my horse, travel, and be on my feet 12 or more hours a day. In short, Dayana’s treatments made me whole again. She is a very kind and caring human being and I will never stop seeing her on a weekly basis. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

-Jane Biberman (Author, Horseback rider, Animal Shelter Volunteer)

“I’m recovering from a head injury and lately feeling lethargic with zero motivation. By the end of our first session, I was already planning out practical things to do in my head. And I’m standing taller, feeling more myself. And that’s just one intro session!  Thank you.”

-Kamal Ravikant (Author, Founder, Investor, Veteran)

“Dayana is an experienced and knowledgeable teacher and practitioner of Feldenkrais. Her calm and present nature coupled with her soothing voice take you on a journey that relaxes the mind, loosens the body, leaving the recipient feeling aligned and refreshed. I highly recommend her services.”

-Shari Auth (Acupuncture Dr., Massage Therapist, Founder)

“I started my journey down the Feldenkrais path about three months ago and my experience thus far has been so much more than expected. First I would like to thank Dayana for her welcoming, caring and healing touch, she is just awesome in so many respects. In addition to being an accomplished Feldenkrais practitioner, she is a life coach and someone who is always looking out for something that might make me better in some meaningful way. It’s exciting to think about where this might go. Thank you Dayana!”

– Jack Morrash (CFO, Tennis Player)

“When you find the right teacher for you, when it is a fit, you sense it’s resonance in every cell of your being. This is how I feel about Dayana’s ATM lessons. I have studied with Moshe Feldenkrais himself as well as numerous other Feldenkrais teachers since 1978. Dayana has made this body of work her own. Her somatic instructions, the philosophy based on her kindness, and the way she is able to pass it on to her students is deeply profound and transformative.
I try to take part in her one hour Awareness through Movement lessons at least once a week to stay in balance with my feelings, thinking and taking part in life. It creates a beautiful ripple effect in my own work with others.”

– Ute Arnold (Body-Psychotherapist, Artist, Author)

“WOW! What a difference in just one 60 minute class! Dayana is certainly a Master Feldenkrais Practitioner and right here in Buck County YES! Her ability to clearly articulate a step by step unfolding of our bodies to what is most nurturing and natural is extraordinary! I am in AWE of this Feldenkrais Movement to reorganize the connection between our brain and body to restore us to a softer, lighter, freer, way of moving! BRAVO MOSHÉ FELDENKRAIS & BRAVA DAYANA PEREIRA. THANK YOU BOTH!”

– Carolyn Viola (Artist & Singer)

“Profound and subtle work. Dayana is an articulate, experienced and gifted guide who has helped me to heal. She also is adept at opening new pathways for learning through movement. Lessons shown can be taken through all of life.”

– Alan Kane (Tai Chi practitioner, Volleyball Player)

“I love the journey of the Feldenkrais sessions! When I leave I have to adjust my rear view mirror because I am taller. I always feel like I must have borrowed someone else’s body because mine has never felt so good!!!
Dayana is patient and a beautiful soul. Her classes are a highlight of our week.”

– Ellen Graham (Horseback Rider, Business woman, Yogi)

“Dayana Pereira is a master Feldenkrais instructor who combines knowledge, expertise and a gentle approach to deeply understanding and supporting your physical challenges. You will come to Dayana because you have heard productive and constructive qualities about the technique but you will leave with a new appreciation for how your body operates and how empowered you can be in correcting it. Dayana is skilled, sensitive, kind and really knows her stuff. She can educate, inspire and elevate your own cognitive abilities while introducing your body and mind to more improved ways of functioning. Combine a therapeutic technique with a practitioner who offers you life long insight into your body’s construction and movement. Dayana is a gem and I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”

– Joanna Harp (Author & Editor)

“I am a 77-year-old woman with arthritic knee and hip joints. When I came to Dayana, I felt very hopeless about diminishing the pain I experienced going up and down stairs and the muscle spasms in my legs that kept me awake at night. Dayana worked with me to learn how to rise from sitting to standing without pain and to use my feet and pelvis so that stress in walking and climbing stairs is distributed along my legs and throughout my entire body. Her confidence that improvement is always possible is contagious, and I made much progress under her care. I now have little pain on stairs and I sleep well most of the time. In addition, Dayana’s personal warmth and kindness made every visit a pleasure.”

– Peggy Ray (Author, Homemaker)

“Dayana is a brilliant Feldenkrais teacher.  Her excellent presentation of Feldenkrais  lessons is delightful.  I rely on these classes to keep my body and mind movable, flexible, and responsive to the mental and physical difficulties and joys that life presents  as I approach my 81st birthday.  I am looking forward to experiencing private sessions with Dayana.  I know that will add additional elements to the  classes.”

Marjory Hirsch (Reiki Practitioner, Educator)

“Dayana keeps our spine limber with her Feldenkrais teaching. Each class is focused on the particular needs of the students. I encourage everyone to try one of her classes.
Your spine will thank you!”

– Jerry Graham (Financial Planner, Yogi)

“Dayana, you are a truly gifted teacher whose knowledge is beyond any text book. You have a magical style of teaching and the creative tools that you bring to each class are amazing. I would like to thank you for helping me with my collar bone / shoulder pain, the private sessions we did for this really helped me.

I use all of the tips you gave me on a daily basis to remain pain free. I feel very fortunate to have found the Feldenkrais method and to be your very grateful student.

– Linda Hazan (Personal Trainer)

“My first Feldenkrais session with the very talented Dayana Pereira was only a year ago when I was pregnant. After my first treatment I walked away feeling like I was on cloud nine. It felt just as good as receiving a massage or reiki, and without wanting to offend anyone, as I adore all forms of healing, I want to say it feels even better than that! Pregnant or not, go see Dayana and experience first hand the amazing effects of the Feldenkrais method. I felt so light and my body felt so connected and coordinated despite this big belly I’ve been carrying around. Knowing very little about Feldenkrais, I went with an open mind, excited to try something new, and boy am I so thankful for the experience. Through movement, Dyana was able to form my body to work together in alignment. She also helped me focus on my breathing as I have become short of breath since I became pregnant. The deep inhales felt so good, and I saw how my body relaxed and changed as my breathing became deeper and my body became more relaxed and fluid.

Working with Dayana post pregnancy her skills continue to amaze me as she has helped me alleviate pain in my lower back and hips. So excited to continue my sessions with her!”

– Thea Dringus (Waldorf School Educator)

“I have been taking individual classes with Mrs. Pereira since September 2012. Being a classical concert pianist, I learned very important principles that in my opinion are crucial for a healthy approach to the keyboard: Thanks to Mrs. Pereira, I discovered how some subtle, slow and gentle movements made a huge difference in the overall body’s attitude at the piano, giving me a great opportunity to get deeper into a new realm of functional movement awareness.

I highly recommend Mrs. Pereira to musicians, performing artists, and to everybody who wants to build a more efficient, constructive relationship with their body.”

– Simone Ferraresi (Concert Pianist)

“I have had the pleasure of working extensively with Dayana Pereira, and I’m happy to recommend her as a Feldenkrais practitioner. I have received many FI’s from Dayana, participated in several of her ATM’s, and used her audio recordings. Dayana has a gentle, refined, and exploratory touch. Her easygoing, nonjudgmental, and open manner help to make you comfortable and put you at ease. Her dedication to intellectually understand The Feldenkrais Method and to fully know it with her own body make her a skillful and helpful practitioner. Dayana is a positive, optimistic, and caring soul. Moshe Feldenkrais would be honored to know such a fine young woman was continuing his work.”

– Eric Rubin (Feldenkrais Trainee)

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