Naval Ravikant in dialogue with Kapil Gupta ~ 1/4/19

ON MEDITATION: Naval: It’s just like being meditative. You can’t be meditative. I tried this for a year. I tried to be present. I tried to be meditative. And it’s what remains when there’s nothing else. Is not something that you seek directly. Is what remains when you are not interested in anything else, then you are […]

How to Get Rich (without getting lucky)

Learn the skills to make money: Money buys you freedom in the material world. Is not gonna make you happy, not gonna solve your health problems, not gonna make your family great, not gonna make you fit or calm, but it’s gonna solve your external problems. It’s a reasonable step to go ahead and make money. […]

Feeling Grace

Being a non-native speaker is funny. Most times, my brain is making sense of the words that I hear in a way that even trying to explain that to you, my kind reader, would make you quickly bored and click away from this page. Other times, as I speak, I’m sure that the listener is […]


I do my best writing in the morning. As soon as I wake up, there’s a moment between the first hour and the next when the layer between my dreaming and waking states is still thin, almost palpable. That is my golden hour. During that delicate space within each day, a myriad of things usually […]

Poor Choices

I knew it the moment I took the first sip. The beer was strong, and it was falling on my empty stomach like burning knives. The name of the brewery jumped at my hungry eyes scrolling Google for a restaurant late at night, and the website bluff worked. But now, sipping the poison, either the […]

Parallel Universes

I am getting my coat and my bag, rushing to get a seat. I can’t believe that we’re going to hear Einstein speak. Something feels off, though. We’re at the other side of the circular conference room, and we’re going to see his back, from behind the round stage. I leave my friends and get […]

The 3 Most Common Wounds TRANSCRIPT: Alright guys, welcome back. Thank you so much for your attention. Today we’re gonna talk about the three most basic and common wounds that I see in my clients when I work with them and how to heal them. How do we work around the wound and into it so we can heal […]

Movement Nature Meant

Inspired by one of my Feldenkrais teachers, Ruthy Alon, this video explores the variety of movement possibilities that we, as humans, are given. When you think of flexibility, strength, and suppleness, can you picture yourself moving this way? Would you like to learn to move like this…? You are in the right place!

The Guts of the Earth

It’s 9:20 AM. The streets are deserted. Is not the lockdown again, we’re just running (very) late to school on Monday. Yesterday was Halloween, and we’re all tired. So tired that I lie to the school, the teachers, my ex and our children, and get my daughters and me an extra 45 minutes to sleep, […]