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I’m dedicated to a life of leadership and contribution. I facilitate coherence between your mind, body & heart. My mission is to guide you towards embodiment of your dreams and potential.

My unique method of work integrates awareness, neuroscience, breathing, & mindset training. Attuning your brain to your emotions, you can rewire your “human operating system”, get stronger in mind and body, & live with more passion and purpose.

I know that Awareness is a Superpower. I invest in people like you, who want to have massive success AND inner peace, happiness, and passion in their lives. It is possible.

My Story

My journey as a leader and student of awareness has led me to study a wide range of disciplines, philosophies, and techniques, for over 20 years. I now bring this knowledge together in a unique way for your benefit, unlike any other trainer you have worked with before.

My journey began in Uruguay, South America, when I witnessed my mother’s struggle to raise me and my brother in a small country under military dictatorship. Not fitting into what was expected of me, I decided very early to craft my own path, following my curiosity and passion. This led me to a series of unusual jobs –standing statue, high-end DJ, jazz pianist– and to move to the United States to pursue my dreams. 

My choices were not “normal” for a young woman without a role model, from a poor country. You see, I believe that normal is not what we’re here for. I know that the gift of being alive is an opportunity to express that special combination of talent, passion and drive that makes each of us unique. 

As Latinos, we have endured generations of oppression and limitation. Many of these limiting beliefs are elusive, unconscious, and run our lives without us even noticing them. And the fact is that you cannot transform what you are not aware of. I also know that often we feel that our dreams are too big, or too expensive, or no one will get them…  that the confidence needed to take the first step is rarely taught to us. Overcoming this “500 year old pattern” was the first of many successes, and lead me to dedicate my life to serve others break free from their patterns.

Awareness, or making visible the invisible, is one of my areas of expertise. I have personally studied with researcher and neuroscientist Dr. Joe Dispenza, zen meditator Russell Delman, Feldenkrais experts David Zemach-Bersin & Jeff Haller, big wave surfer Laird Hamilton, and olympic weightlifting champion Jerzy Gregorek. I specialized in breath work, movement-based neuroscience, and mindset training. 

After being a partner in several ventures, in 2017 I founded my own company, “Move to your Full Potential”, where I serve the English speaking population, integrating these modalities to identify limiting thoughts and behaviors, unlearn them, rewire your brain, and reach more of your potential. 

Hundreds of successes from clients recovering from debilitating chronic pain, trauma, and anxiety have shown me how our environment can make us or break us. How our thoughts shape our reality. How our hearts have infinite potential, ready to be tapped. Most importantly, how the alignment between our bodies, minds and hearts is the magic key to unlock everything we want.

I am now bringing these empowering systems to the Hispanic population. Not only to give back, but also to intentionally shift generations of shared pain and limitation. I’m here to share an effective way to break free from the behaviors and beliefs that keep us disempowered.  

As I continue working with highly successful entrepreneurs, artists, and high achievers, women and man that are ready to get to the .9999% of their ability, I have founded a Foundation, “Expansion Latina”, to serve the Hispanics all around the world.

My passion is to make an impact in the lives of the Hispanic community and awaken us to the power of awareness, choice, and possibility, accessing our human potential for love, joy, abundance, and wellbeing.

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