Now you can breathe and practice Feldenkrais at home with Dayana Pereira on Insight Timer, a free meditation app featuring more than 5,000 leading meditation teachers.

Join today and discover my favorite short meditations for breathing awareness.

I’m honored to join leading teachers like Jack Kornfield, Tara Brach, Sam Harris, the late Ram Das, Sharon Salzberg, Sadhuguru, Russell Delman, Thich Nhat Hanh, Sarah Blondin, Jennifer Piercy, Bethany Auriel-Hagan, and more.

  • Explore calming and centering XPT breathing practices
  • Access new recordings as soon as they are published
  • Listen to my most popular Feldenkrais class to relieve low back pain, reduce anxiety, and align your mind and body


  1. Click here to Download Insight Timer app to your phone, tablet, or watch.
  2. Find “Dayana” with the search button on the bottom menu.
  3. Click on the FOLLOW button.
  4. Choose between meditations for sleep, calm, focus, peak performance, and more.

Audio Downloads

Here are some recordings that you can try today, without the Insight Timer app. Click on the 3 dots on the right corner to DOWNLOAD:


Bedtime Breathing:

Fall asleep or get back to sleep more easily:

Increase Focus and Concentration:

Establish the kind of breathing cadence that calms you and allows for more expansive thinking:

Boost your Lung Capacity Breath Work:

This practice will increase your breathing capacity and tolerance to CO2. By making your blood more alkaline, your immunity improves. 

Note: this is a powerful, advanced practice that includes breath holds. Please do not do near water. 


Awareness Through Movement class > Low Back Pain Relief:

This class will take care of your chronic back pain, as well as lengthen your spine. You can also use it to reset after a long day sitting at the computer or desk.

Awareness Through Movement class > Restful Sleep:

This soothing sequence is perfect to set you up for peaceful, restful sleep. It includes subtle movement with your hands, eyes and tongue that you can use also to get back to sleep, and to calm your nervous system anytime you need it.

Awareness Through Movement Class > Reduce stress and anxiety:

These easy to do movements will bring relief from anxiety and stress, supporting your flexor muscles, and engaging your parasympathetic nervous system. You will find yourself feeling centered, calm and expanded, in a more positive and peaceful state.


I love reading poems to my students in class, to myself, my children and my plants. Here are a couple of favorites. Enjoy!

Rumi > Boil nicely now:

Mary Oliver > Sleeping in the forest:

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