After suffering from a debilitating life crisis in 2006, which led me to anxiety and physical pain, I reconnected with the Feldenkrais Method®, which I had found in 1995 for the first time in acting school. I was astonished to realize that my brain didn’t miss a beat and picked up the learning process 10 years later as if no time had passed. Right then, I vowed to help as many people as I could to find freedom from anxiety, pain, and limitations.  

I became a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and dedicated the next 10 years of my life to deepening my study of how the brain works, continuing my education through post-graduate training. I became obsessed with the relationship between the MIND & the BODY, and how one affects the other. My curiosity took me on an exciting journey, learning with experts in stress adaptation, fitness, meditation, breathing,  and psychedelic-assisted therapy (also known as Plant Medicine).

Why?  To expand consciousness, and heal the trauma that though experienced years ago, continues to affect our bodies & minds today.

Relearning how to move without pain, finding vitality & healing in a systematic way transformed my life. Since 2009 I’ve been blessed with the opportunity of serving thousands of clients on all 5 continents.

I founded Dayana Inc. in 2017, and co-Founded KORU Real Wellness in 2018, attracting a group of skilled practitioners and offering a holistic approach to health and wellness. Our clientele included CEOs, Founders, athletes, and artists, especially musicians.

‍A serial learner, during 2019-2023 I continued my education, this time in Energy Medicine with Dr. Gene Ang, Quantum mechanics, Neurobiology, and Meditation with Dr. Joe Dispenza, personal development with Tony Robbins, Sales, Marketing & Growth Consulting with Nick Kozmin & Sam Ovens.

I hold a fulfilling private practice in-person in Doylestown, PA, and teach online worldwide via the Insight Timer App, Skool, & Zoom. I travel for workshops, speaking events, and retreats.

I’ve made it my life’s work to support individuals in increasing their longevity and staying out of pain while adapting to the stressors that life will inevitably bring, aging gracefully and with joy.

My mission is to serve humanity in experiencing freedom, connection,  and self-love without addiction, lingering trauma, or suffering.

Awareness Through Movement®
How your foot alignment creates knee pain


A sample of Dayana's work

Here is a sample of my work. Please find it useful! 

Aikido & Tai Chi studies
Acting past life
Jazz past life
Plant Medicine
Inquiry & Meditation
Balancing Acts
XPT Pool Workouts
Learning from the ice
Family & Love
Country life
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