What is my Passion?  What drives me?  Human Optimization. Peak Performance. Mastery. Self-Realization. Learning. Improvement and quality in every area, moment by moment.

Discovering, refining, integrating: Self-Love, Presence, Somatic Awareness, High Perception, Refined Skill, Finding Support/Balance in Environment, Developing Internal Orientation, Discipline, Commitment to Practice, Trust in the Process.

All Capitalized because of their huge potential for awareness and transformation. Doorways. Beyond? Just practice, and time.

Learning and integrating complementary principles, methodologies and disciplines can start at any age, and continue developing until our last breath.

I am passionate about achieving all of the above within myself, and teaching others how to do it.

We have amazing brain potential waiting to be tapped. We can embody resilient, healthy bodies eager to be lean, flexible, fast and strong. We have a soul yearning for connecting and nurturing in all areas. We are witnesses to our own consciousness and the Onness we share as a species.

We have the capacity to Love: ourselves, others, our planet. So much potential for growth and maturation!! How much of it are we actually using?

My mission is to learn, practice and share this Path. To expand our potential, align with our human capacities, optimize our performance, and become unstoppable following our passions and dreams.

This is true, whole Health, as I see it.


I began my exploration of FELDENKRAIS® in Uruguay in 1995, and graduated from training programs directed by Moshe Feldenkrais’ first american students and close collaborators David Zemach-Bersin’s and Jeff Haller. I have experienced first hand the teachings of many of Dr. Feldenkrais’ first students.

My experience as a Feldenkrais practitioner includes working with people with a wide range of ages, lifestyles and goals. From 2009-2012 I worked for the Feldenkrais Institute of New York, teaching group classes, workshops, and private sessions.  

I am currently an assistant practitioner at David Zemach-Bersin’s professional training programs in NYC, teaching and working with the next generations of Feldenkrais practitioners. I have a full practice in Bucks County, PA and Manhattan, NYC.

Since 2017 I joined the tribe of THE HAPPY BODY® Mentors, founded by Jerzy and Aniela Gregorek. I collaborate with mentors from all over the world sharing The Happy Body, and mentor people of all backgrounds and ages to achieve its standards.

My background as a pianist, martial artist and anthropologist informs and nurtures my practice. My learning journey as a mother of two beautiful girls, the most important job of my life, teaches me about presence, curiosity and Love like no other.

I offer group and individual sessions in New York, Pennsylvania, and California, in English and Spanish.

Look forward to meeting you soon!

Love, Dayana

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